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Great location

Convenience store a block away is, well super convenient!
Will definitely stay again. Read moreMartha, Online Review

Always a treat to spend time there!

Nice quiet place. Close to the beach Read moreRobert, Online Review

Overall good

The space was exactlyas described, a short and easy walk to the beach. It was clean and everything was included. Just what we needed to escape the heat! Read moreGretchen, Online Review

Great getaway to the beach!

Hannah, Online Review

Location was great. Clean !!

Small but perfect and cozy! – Aracelis, Online Review

Great place

Great location – Iris, Online Review

Smooth Stay

Everything for our stay went smoothly Read moreMonica, Online Review

Clean, and cozy. Great experience!

The room was perfect for us- we just wanted a place to sleep while we enjoyed the beach with our pup. This room was warm, clean, and cozy. Great experience! Read moreBliss, Online Review

Great little room!

Great little room! Small but great location and clean room! Read moreBrandi, Online Review

Perfect for one

Good little sea cottage. Perfect for one Read moreKim, Online Review

Nice, cozy clean quarters.

Nice, cozy clean quarters. A basic room thats quiet at night. Would recommend to anyone looking for a small quiet space. Read moreJ, Online Review

Walking distance to beautiful beach

Great location Read moreSophie, Online Review

Very close to the beach.

The place was nice. Cute and charming, pretty much as I expected it—not the fanciest place but sweet and very close to the beach. Read moreCara, Online Review

Short walk to beach was wonderful.

`Very responsive to us when we needed them on the night of check-in. Everything clean, well-cared for.. Short walk to beach was wonderful. Read moreThomas, Online Review

Good for a place to crash

Stayed here on a cold, sunny Fall weekend, and it was just what I needed! The place is about a 2 minute walk from the beach. Good for a place to crash and warm up some leftovers! Read moreRachel, Online Review

The place was very clean and in a quiet neighborhood.

The place was very clean and in a quiet neighborhood. Only a block from the beach and near a cute coffee house. Very good value for the price. Read moreKaren, Online Review

Great location.

Great location. Walk to Beach. Read moreNaomi, Online Review

Good WiFi

Small but cozy accommodations. It’s really made mostly to sleep in. Good WiFi, good fridge and microwave in a good location. Read moreAnnette, Online Review

Clean and very quiet.

Cute place, clean and very quiet. Read moreBrandi, Online Review

It was clean and tidy and the bed was comfortable.

The place was easy to find and very close to the beach the beach is amazing and the reason most people will stay here. Read moreSean, Online Review

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