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The rates are incredible and the rooms are spotless

I am a convert to this little inn. The rates are incredible and the rooms are spotless, white-glove-under-the-bed-on-the windowsill, spotless.

Our second floor room boasted a sliver of a view of the ocean waves if we stood outside and the small kitchen had everything we needed for a weekend, nice fridge, oven, dishes, towels and dish soap. I can't imagine staying in a "normal" room without a kitchen again, the ability to make meals elevates this older building to a much higher rating.

The third floor is an entire penthouse and would seem to be the most private with the least noise. There are only stairs so if you have handicap travelers book on the first floor. The office manager was really helpful and friendly and suggested a nearby museum as a must-see, which ended up being a highlight of the weekend.

Can't wait to visit again, only this time we're moving on up, to the penthouse in the sky. – Teresita C., Seattle, WA