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Caboose moves to its new home in the North Beach

(News Item #0385, Published: 06/26/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, OceanShores.com)

Ten years ago, the Museum of the North Beach rescued an historic 1912 wooden Northern Pacific Caboose. The caboose had been used as a nightly rental in Moclips, and a new owner wanted it removed from their property. Our membership collected funds to have it moved seven blocks to the Washington State Parks day use park in Moclips, the original site of the Northern Pacific Railway depot. If you go to YouTube and search "Moclips caboose" you'll see a few short videos of the move to State Parks property in 2009 taken by Stephanie Allestad.

This particular piece of railroad history is very important to Moclips by the Sea Historical Society as it was on the last train to Moclips before the tracks were torn up in the 1980's by the Burlington Northern. We are now preparing to move it again.

We have selected Saturday, June 29, 2019 for the move, which will be orchestrated by Bruce Thompson (New Museum Project Site Manager) and Reggie Riekkola of Riekkola Construction. The transport will begin around noon and travel along State Route 109, 1-1/2 miles to the new museum building site. This will be an extraordinary event as you don't see cabooses moving down a highway and the fact that they are no longer being used by railroads.